Special Projects

Custom Ergonomics Programs

Sometimes you don’t know the answer until you identify the question. Working in conjunction with key stakeholders, we’ll help you work through the assessment process to determine the question and design an ergonomics solution that addresses those needs. Previous Special Projects include:

• Ergonomics for the Oil and Gas Industry in Latin America

HealthWorks was asked to be part of a team working on a CIDA-funded project looking at Occupational Health and Safety needs in the oil and gas industry in Latin America. We worked along with specialists in occupational medicine, organizational stress, and health and safety. This project culminated in a workshop delivered to representatives from 13 APREL member countries in Rio de Janeiro, with HealthWorks presenting the component on ergonomics.

• Office Lighting Study

Among other work place ergonomics services, Diane assisted us with a specific study. Immediately after over 400 partners and staff were relocated into new office space with very different personal workspace set-ups, an in-depth study of task lighting was undertaken. Based on Diane’s extensive research, on-site consultation, individual reviews, testing, and product analysis, we were provided with a very detailed summary of recommended changes. Following the recommendations provided very satisfactory results, rendering the study extremely beneficial.

Dianne Pallesen, CAM, Manager, Business Services, Deloitte

• Lost Time Injury Analysis

On more than one occasion clients have requested an analysis of their lost time injuries. HealthWorks has provided comprehensive analyses and made recommendations to address and reduce the risk factors for injury

• Ergonomics Guiding Principles for Libraries

In organizations where there is expansion via multiple locations, instead of “re-inventing the wheel,” it makes sense to develop sound ergonomics principles for repeated use. HealthWorks was asked to develop ergonomics guiding principles for a large public library, for the non-public staff areas. Since this project, all new branch libraries have had the majority of these principles implemented in their design.

HealthWorks has completed a variety of projects for the Calgary Public Library, including an analysis of our occupational accidents and injuries and the development of ergonomic guidelines and principles used in the design of parts of new library facilities. In these projects HealthWorks has demonstrated an ability to understand and respond to our needs, including detailed, practical, and thorough recommendations.

Ellen Humphrey, Assistant Director, Calgary Public Library

• Armrest in police vehicles

HealthWorks was contracted to work on identifying ergonomics needs and designing a right arm rest for the driver in police vehicles. This project was implemented in preparation for the installation of in-vehicle laptop computers. Many variables were considered in the design. HealthWorks’ consultants worked with various police personnel and the engineer in the manufacturing plant, who built the arm rest. Contact us today to discuss your special project.