Office Training / Seminars

Increasing Health and Safety Awareness
Our education programs increase awareness of ergonomic issues in the workplace, while reducing workplace injuries and employee discomfort. From practical hands-on training to ongoing support, our comprehensive ergonomics training ensures tangible results.
Office Ergonomics Seminars
In addition to new employee orientations and custom lunch and learn seminars, we offer office ergonomics seminars of various lengths. They can be customized to meet the needs of your employees. For example, seminars for engineers, accounting personnel, library staff, and information systems employees would each have a different focus. Components on using a computer while traveling, working from a home office, and lifting and carrying can be included. A typical HealthWorks. Office Ergonomics Seminar introduces key concepts in ergonomics such as neutral posture, risk factors for repetitive strain injuries, furniture and equipment set-up, and work behaviours. Practical tips for improving personal work comfort are always included. Follow-up one-on-one consultations are optional.
Hands-on Approach

Our behaviour-based training focuses on proper techniques and body mechanics. Support services include HealthWorks ErgoTips, Work Comfort Assessments and HealthWorks Office Stretches.

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