Office Total Ergonomics Program

office-ergo-total-ergo-programOur Total Ergonomics Program covers ergonomics program planning across all business areas and departments. Working with key stakeholders, our professional ergonomists will design and implement the necessary initiatives to fulfill your health and safety goals.

  • Needs Assessments
  • Ergonomics Seminars
  • One-on-One Assessments
  • Furniture and Equipment Selection
  • Medical Management
  • Train-the-Trainer

HealthWorks partnered with us to support our company views of ergonomics in the workplace. They engaged all sectors of management to form a project team of representatives from Environment, Human Resources, Administration Services, and Information Systems. HealthWorks  managed this project with utmost professionalism, providing expert knowledge of this facet of the work environment. They successfully implemented ergonomic processes, provided group training, completed individual assessments, provided reports to the project team, provided a recommended list of products to resolve identified issues, and provided follow-up strategies, including a Train-the-Trainer course.

Margaret Holland, Coordinator, Administrative ServicesAlliance Pipeline Ltd. 

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