Office Furniture Selection

office-job-demand It isn’t enough that furniture and accessories are ergonomically designed. The form and function must match job task needs, employee body dimensions, and budgetary requirements. Functional furniture not only lowers lost time claims resulting from workplace injury, it increases employee comfort and productivity.

Furniture Selection
Starting with a comprehensive needs assessment, we establish furniture selection criteria that meet the diverse needs of your workforce. With a strong working knowledge of current products, we’ll work with your purchasing, facilities teams and interior desingers to source products from your preferred vendors. When new furniture is not a priority for our clients, we will show you ways to make existing furniture more functional.
Ergonomic Configuration
Beyond furniture procurement, our professional ergonomists customize furniture set-up for individual employees, teaching basic chair, keyboard, and workstation adjustment techniques.

HealthWorks worked with our cross functional team to establish ergonomics criteria for work stations and to evaluate initial proposals from various suppliers. HealthWorks evaluated the ergonomics aspects of the mock-ups as part of the overall process leading to the selection of a vendor. Healthworks work was performed in a highly professional manner and on a timely basis.

Des Clark, Supply Chain Management, Petro-Canada