Office Assessments

Reducing Workplace Stress

In an office environment, physical discomfort and chronic injury rarely result from a single root cause.

Chronic pain and injury are often the products of years of physical, cognitive, and environmental stresses. Understanding the complex interplay of stresses is the key to reducing workplace injury.

Comprehensive Assessment

Our HealthWorks Office Ergonomics Assessments address work discomfort, injury, medical conditions, and return to work scenarios. We examine key ergonomic risk factors, including tasks, work behaviours, environment, and equipment and furniture usage to determine the root causes. Often it is the physician, physical therapist, or chiropractor who recommends that their patient have an assessment.

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Human-Centred Approach

Based on our assessment, we identify ways to address the problem with practical solutions. Our human-centred approach addresses each employee as an individual.

In addition to working directly with employees, we provide comprehensive written documentation of our findings and recommendations. While we may recommend furniture and ergonomic equipment, we do not sell product.

HealthWorks has worked with us since the early 90′s. They have helped me improve my work comfort through a combination of furniture recommendations and work habit adjustments. While I am not pain free, I am working full time at a high level, something I don’t believe I would be able to do, were it not for the ergonomics suggestions from HealthWorks. HealthWorks team of consultants are true professionals who give very unbiased, objective and valuable advice. They are hard working, service-oriented, and truly care about the well being of their clients.

Alison Jenner, Financial Planner, Alison Jenner Financial Ltd.