Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics
Spending countless hours working at a desk can create some of the same stresses to the body as lifting and carrying. Eye strain, musculoskeletal disorders and low back problems result from incorrect posture, poor work habits, and improper office furniture.
Proactive Health and Safety
Proper ergonomic design not only reduces the risk of injury, it increases employee comfort and productivity. Our certified consultants work with employees and key stakeholders to implement health and safety awareness programs.
Hands-on Ergonomics
We offer a complete range of hands-on ergonomics services – from physical demands analyses to furniture selection. Our ergonomic education programs focus on affecting behavioural changes for tangible results. Contact us to discuss a customized program.

Our partnership with HealthWorks. has had a significant impact on productivity and well-being in our workplace, through their expert, highly professional and proactive ergonomics consultations.  The business case for this service is clear: Invest in the services that protect your most vital investment – your Team.

Kathleen McMillan, Office Services Coordinator Connacher Oil and Gas Limited, Calgary, Alberta, Canada