Industrial Training

Creating Awareness
The key to any successful health and safety initiative is creating awareness and changing behaviour patterns.
Hands-on Training
Facilitated by professional ergonomists, our ergonomics training seminars increase awareness of ergonomic issues and teach participants proper techniques and body mechanics. To reinforce learning, participants practice proper techniques in the classroom. Training sessions are appropriately spaced, where possible, to enhance learning and technique implementation.  HealthWorks offers customized training programs as well as specific programs for:

  • New Employee Orientation– covers the basics of ergonomics and injury prevention
  • Back Education – focuses on back care and injury prevention methods specific to employee job tasks
  • Repetitive Strain Injury Prevention – designed for employees who perform repetitive tasks, RSI. Prevention teaches proper body mechanics, neutral postures, and appropriate tips for the job tasks

HealthWorks have truly educated our Team Members and have identified and assisted us in improving many areas of our operation. Not only has this resulted in bottom-line cost savings, it has helped make Bridge Brand a place people want to work. When attracting and keeping skilled workers is perhaps the biggest challenge facing our industry, the importance of this cannot be understated.

Gerald Nakano, Vice President Operations, Bridge Brand Food Services Ltd.