Ergonomic Services

  • Are you in need of a Full Ergonomics Program?
  • Are you looking to provide cost effective Ergonomic Solutions to a group of people?
  • Looking for an Individual Ergonomic Assessment?
Regardless of your Ergonomic needs or the size of your company we have the Ergonomic Services for you and your organization all across Canada. In 2012 HealthWorks completed over 1500 Ergonomic assessments for varies clients. We manage major oil and gas company’s ergonomic programs, along with several other companies on an on-going basis. No matter how large or small your Ergonomic needs may be, HealthWorks has the resources to ensure leading edge Ergonomic consulting.

Our success is a result of our attention to detail, from the initial HealthWorks introduction, to our certified ergonomic consultants performing the assessments, quick assessment & report turn around times and our quality assurance practices ensuring the reports do not leave our office until they meet the highest standard.

HealthWorks Ergonomic solutions follow Ergonomic guidelines and our reports contain evidence based ergonomic recommendations.  

Contact us today and find out how HealthWorks can support your ergonomic needs.